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Our Team

Patricia Mallard, President and Commercial Leasing
Direct line: (904)367-1818, ext. 19

Pat is the founder and president of Duval Realty Inc. Pat has a wealth of knowledge in the leasing and management field. Pat’s credentials include: Real Estate Broker, Community Association Manger, Certified Apartment Manager and Real Property Administrator.

Connie Taylor, Leasing Specialist
Direct line: 904-367-1818, ext. 15

Connie has been with Duval Realty Inc. since 2008 and has widespread knowledge in the fields of residential leasing and property marketing. Contact Connie to schedule a viewing of one of our outstanding properties!

Linda Henry, Office Specialist
Direct Line: 904-367-1818

Linda has 14 years in banking and 20 + years in real estate management during which time she worked closely with the Jacksonville Apartment Association. She has received the following certifications: Certified Apartment Manager and Professional Apartment Manager. Linda is involved in the day-to-day operation of our office.

Liz Jones, Accounting
Direct Line: 904-367-1818

Liz has been with Duval Realty for many years. After retiring from the banking industry, Liz started working part-time with Duval Realty, Inc. before becoming a full-time employee. Liz is very knowledgeable and oversees all the accounting functions.

Daytone Mallard, Accounting
Direct Line: 904-367-1818

Daytone has worked with Duval Realty, Inc. in the accounting department since 2016.  She is responsible for ensuring vendors are paid in a timely manner.  Daytone is also attending college to further her education.

Karen Arnold, Property Manager
Direct Line: (904) 367-1818, ext. 24

Karen has a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas to include 30+ years in public relations. She has been with Duval Realty since early 2018 and has demonstrated an outstanding ability to understand property maintenance and management. Karen works closely with our various vendors, tenants, and owners.

Laurie Cauthen, Collections Manager
Direct Line: (904) 367-1817

Laurie began her career with Duval Realty Inc. in 2006 after retiring from a 32-year successful career with AT&T in advertising sales, customer service and collections. Laurie has worked in all facets of property management during her tenure at Duval Realty, Inc. and currently handles collection of all receivables residential, commercial and COA/HOA’s.

Marshall Devries, Property Manager
Direct Line: (904) 367-1818, ext. 26

Marshall joined Duval Realty Inc. in 2019. He serves in many capacities as Property Management to include maintenance of residential and commercial properties. Marshall has over 9 years of experience in retail management.

Tesa Fansler, Residential Maintenance Coordinator
Direct Line: 904-367-1818 ext. 23

Tesa has been with Duval Realty Inc. since 2017. Her skills include 30+ years in management & training, substantial writing experience along with 10+ years in the affordable housing arena with Habitat for Humanity. Tesa oversees our residential maintenance and assists with social media.

Theresa (Terri) DeVries, Broker Associate, Community Association Manager
Direct Line: 904-367-1818, ext. 16

Terri has been with Duval Realty since November 2017. She has over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and has a background in Management and Customer Service. Terri manages the portfolio of Homeowner and Condominium Associations for Duval Realty Inc.

Winston MacIntyre, Association Assistant
Direct Line: (904) 367-1818, ext. 25

Winston started his career with Duval Realty, Inc. in 2018.  He has over 20 years’ experience in Real Estate to include sales and property management.